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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  December 8, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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hello again, it's 6:00 and a cold commute for this wednesday, december 8th. sharon's watching the roads and it's bernadette woods in for marty bass. load up on your gear before heading out this morning. this is what you're dealing with. temperatures in the 20s for most of us and teens in the mountains. you'll see teens down to the ocean. this ranges from 22 degrees in westminster and 28 in rock hall. this is what we have throughout the day. we're tapping out at 34 degrees. the wind will be in this afternoon. we'll be in and out of the clouds. the windchill feels like the 20s for most of the afternoon. however, we'll finally see the weather pattern breaking towards the weekend. that will be coming up.
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any problems on the pavement? here's sharon. we have some problems we started the morning out with. that's an accident on 95. still there. not a major one, single vehicle involved. meantime, 70 westbound is closed down and watch for that blocking all of the lanes. lingering closiers from the fire. we had a road reporter checking out a scene from charles to madison. meantime, baltimore street is reported to be off limits from holiday and gay street and holiday is shut down between fayette and baltimore. on the eastside, looking at wind warnings. there's a look outside at cockeysville road. no delays on the roadways and the regular spots. remember, wjz-13 is always on, go to for more. thank you, and here's what
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people are talking about today. two five alarm fires ripping through two well known parts of down town. it was breaking news yesterday morning and this was in mt. vernon. we're still on the closed section of the road now. >> reporter: the affects of this fire will be lasting for a few businesses. wjz is on the scene after this fire breaks out. some of the most popular restaurants were reduced to rubble. i could see the flames up from my bedroom, i wanted to check out the front of the billing. >> reporter: he works at the original donna's cafe, one of five restaurants forced to close. this is known areawide for the afghan cuisine. >> this is the museum
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[indiscernible accent] a friend of mine said it was like an apocalypse. >> it's dangerous, look at the amount of water. >> reporter: the water quickly froze over. we don't know the cause, but it started on the lower floor and went up flu the bill -- through the building. it was a tough fire. the guys did a great job. >> reporter: despite the size of the blaze and the icy conditions, there were no injuries. don, back to you. we have incredible video, the first five alarm fire that tore through the block on monday. this is the roof of a building collapsing. investigators from the federal burro is called in to see if this was intentionally set.
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>> that would break my heart if it was arson. >> oh! oh, man! >> it took 155 firefighters to put out the flames. a meeting today after a jewish patrolman was accused of hitting an african american teen. some black community members are calling for shomrim to suspend the control. the attorney for the shomrim group says that their client was acting in self-defense. she died from touching an electric fence and her parents are making sure this never happens again. >> reporter: four years ago,
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their 14-year-old daughter died after touching a fence in druid hill park. it was hitting an exposed wire and 227-volts electrocuted her. there i don't want it to happen. we're so intent on having the city address the issues. >> reporter: they found a company that detects electrified objects. >> there's electric fields radiating off of it. >> reporter: that sound shows high voltage, the technicians check it out. >> 218-volts. >> reporter: touch the wire to the manhole cover and you can see the electricity. putting a hand on the objects wouldn't electrocute someone, the conditions would have to be
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just right, like touching a grounded metal fence. this truck checks other cities. >> we typically find around 800 problems. >> reporter: so far, they've found up to 400 spots in baltimore. they're taking the full list to city hall in the name of their daughter. she's not here with us today, but she's working today. as long as we have breath, we'll fight to have this address. >> reporter: the new jersey company survived about 20% so far. no one can comment from the city yet. reporting from druid hill park. kelly mcpherson, wjz-13 eyewitness news. -- >> two planes nearly collide on the ground at boston. the saving grace is the quick thinking of an air traffic controller. >> what's your vision today, c
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33. >> you're at 22 a, charlie. >> 22 a, charlie. >> check blue, hold right there. hold! >> jetblue says that the pilot should have turned left, invite stead, turned right. they didn't hit. we're learning more about the death of a teen originally from here who may have fallen from a plane in boston. he ran away from boston trying to get back to baltimore. he climbed into a wheel well of a plane bound for logan airport. he fell out of the wheel well to his death when they were landing. >> one of the nation's premiere horse races will be staying here in maryland. that's the word from the state racing officials. the courses are being productive and the details are
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worked out. the commission has been railing against a proposal to limit the live racing next year. the end of an era is coming east of downtown as this crab house is closing its doors. it will open up again in march and then close next november. they'll open a smaller out let near arundel mills mall. losing at home to the steelers has the raven's fans and the coach on edge. the ravens are in good play offposition with the record of 8-4 and harbaugh is certain they'll have no problem recovering from the steeler's set back. >> when you commit and sacrifice and work for a common cause and you get guys you've been shoulder to shoulder with and you've been in battle with, so to speak, you have no other
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choice. you're going to bounce back. that's what the guys will do. >> the next test for the team is on the road in houston monday night. you can see the tussle here on wjz. the live coverage starts next night at 8:00 p.m.. monday night football. all right, okay. >> now, we're sending it to ron this morning. >> how are you, ron? [no audio] >> okay, we're having trouble with ron's words this morning. >> i heard something, i thought. >> well, not sure if that was him or not. we'll fix that and be back, don't go away, it's a wednesday morning in baltimore, a cold wednesday morning. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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snow returned to maryland and in a big way. check out the scene, as much as 12 inches hit the ground there and they've made snow before then because of the cold conditions we're suffering with at the ski resort. >> they'll open tomorrow officially, these are great snow making conditions. in addition to the natural stuff out there. this is what we have going on, the winds are up out another west more than the northwest and it's keeping the cold air around. it's 23 in baltimore and 20 for most of the state. and when you factor in the wind, it feels like the teens down to the ocean. and here in baltimore, it feels like the teens. we've got a mix of clouds and
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sunshine yesterday and we'll have that again today. this overall pattern is going to start to change as we head into the next few days. some lake effect snow going on. that will be cut off temporarily starting tomorrow as the high pressure moves in. the high comes in and breaks the connection and keeps the cold air around. the winds turn back to the south and we'll start to moderate temperaturewise. let's a front out here and it will pass to the north on friday then, the milder air returns as another storm moves our way. it will pick up some of the warmer air. for the most part, this is going to be a rain event for us in the city and south east of 95. at the beginning of the storm, there's a chance for mic -- mixing, and then at the end. it could end as snow. for the forecast today, we don't have those issues.
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we're up to 34 degrees. it will be a cold one. we're going down into the teens and tomorrow, not much better. we'll be at 36 tomorrow and not with the wind though. here is the warmer air and the storm also. this could mix at the beginning and most could be in the form of rain. then, the cold air coming behind it. it's cold once again and windy and snow showers and we'll see that for the beginning of next week. we've had a few problems from the get go on the get up and go. >> hi, don. we cleared up problems and picked up new ones. we have accidents in the city now. one involves a vehicle into a building at east lexington. second accident at north calvert and greenspring. meantime, lingering closiers
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due to the fires. charles street, the right lane there is closed and then, baltimore street is off limbs to drivers from holiday and gay street. there's a look at the eastside of the beltway, we have wind warnings on the key bridge. the top and the westsides are at full speed at this hour, they're starting to get busier though. they'll slow down soon. that's 795. those are the southbound lanes going away from us. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. back to you, don. all right, thank you, and last we checked in with ron, he looked good, but sounded like a scene from "the exorcist." >> not the first time that's been my excuse. >> and we have a great event
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for you. it's the bso simple phone -- symphony for the holidays. >> good morning. what's happening? >> well, we have five gorgeous homes decorated for the holidays ready for people to tour. this is a fundraiser for the orchestra and education programs. we'll start at the pedonia swim club. that's where everyone gets the maps. come to the door and we'll make an additional donation. >> we're in a beautiful home in lutherville. gate house interior. how are you doing? >> well, thank you. >> this is a beautiful, beautiful job you've done. what happens when you come into the space. >> first of all, the homeowner is a wonderful designer. it had wonderful personality,
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it was an easy project. it's obvious how they live, they're set for a party. i didn't overchemothe -- overwhelm the space. this house is layered and layered. i tried to be more subtle with the sec rations. in areas where it didn't need it. the dining room has all of t he -- color. >> let's talk about this sculpture here. >> you have to come back later. we have big plans for him. you shouldn't be able to see all that's going on at one time. if you can, come back on the tour. we'll have interesting things to do with him. >> i'll bet. thank you. >> jane, the bso website? >> or call.
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you can order tickets through their site or get tickets in timonium or hairford. >> you raised a lot of money last year? >> yes, we netted $20,000 for a three day profit. this year, only two days. we hope that everyone will come out and support the project. it's for the education program for the kids in the baltimore area. >> thank you so much for coming out. we appreciate it. symphony homes for the holidays. it's friday and saturday, come on out. you'll love it. don and bernadette -- >> i'm loving the place you're in. >> it's gorgeous. >> i wish i lived here. >> why don't you ask them if you can move in. >> yeah, they have an extra bedroom, i am moving in.
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>> you'll have a little guy in the front window. >> okay, pedonia park off of virginia road in lutherville. >> great causes. coming up next on the ,,,,,,
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>> >> welcome back, the cold air is in place and it will be a little while lodger. , we have changes coming. we're in the 20s outside. well, it's not updating. we'll take you into the forecast and show you what we have for the forecast today. 34degrees for the high and overall, the windchill making it feel like the 20s. here's the forecast. we're going to be in the 30s again tomorrow. it's going to be a chilly one. we'll warm up. notice what's coming with the warm up. we have a storm. it could be a mix sunday and then changing to mainly rain and adding snow. this is a bigger deal to the northwest.
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for us, mainly rain mr. foreman. tough love for the bay. the epa is forcing states to clean up what flows into the water. maryland's plan is now out. >> reporter: it's all about what's in the water and removing it. >> we're removing chemicals into the bay. >> reporter: here's maryland. better control of storm better run off that carries the pollutants and continues the treatment. also, better control of animal waste and fertilizers that feeds algae blooms. till-- still, there are holes
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in the agriculture. >> the revised plan showed improvement. it's better, but not good enough. >> reporter: the estimated cost is $10 billion, the state hopes to secure more from the fed and the monthly flush tax could be increased. several sources are going to need to contribute. >> reporter: and to tell that to maryland, more than the bay's health is pressed in the service. >> we have to keep the water clean. our life depends on it. by month's end, the epa will decide on the pollution that the other states have to cut out. >> yet to come, santa is sacked. why a macy's store kicked out a jolly old man and where he may be working next. and cleaning up after another fire. this is coming up on wjz-13.
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washington mourns the death of elizabeth edwards. that's coming up. i'm sharon gibala with wjz traffic control. if you're about to head out, a few minor wrecks could get in the way in the city. we'll show you a live look another those after a few minutes. wright now -- right now, here's bernadette. >> it's a cold start to the day and we have changes and we'll have the forecast coming shortly. yahoo announces the top web searches from the past year and find out what and who was number one. stick around, the eyewitness news morning edition continues in a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hello again, it's 6:30, it's cold outside. apparently, it will be cold for sometime to come. sharon is watching your commute and it's bernadette woods in.
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>> good morning, this is what we have going on. another cold one. take a look at the temperatures. we have them fixed. we're coming in at 23 throughout baltimore. it's 26 degrees. now, this afternoon, we're not going up that much. 34degrees for the high. we'll lose the wind starting tomorrow and temperatures going up for the weekend and we'll have a storm. what awaits you on the way to work and school, here's sharon with traffic control. well, we have a few accidents and minor delay. the latest on 50 westbound, that's at route 3, 301. we have a vehicle into a building at lexington and st. paul street. and there's an accident there and one more on west cold spring and greenspring and lingering closiers from the fires from the last few days,
6:32 am
the right lane to madison and read street, that's closed and baltimore street, that's off limits and holiday is shut down. we have wind warnings if you're traveling on the key bridge on the eastside of the beltway. there's the look at your drive times and the speeds. starting to see delays now. 79 a and 48 miles per hour and a 13 minute drive time. 795, running at full speed. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. buy right the first time and you'll save more in the long run. >> she lived her life with grace and compassion. this morning, elizabeth edwards is an inspiration. here's joel brown reporting for wjz. >> reporter: elizabeth edwards died tuesday morning in chapel hill, north carolina surrounded
6:33 am
by her children, friends and her estranged husband, john. a statement released by her family reads, today, we've lost the comfort of her presence, but she's the heart of the family. she posted a message that said that the days of our lives for all of us are numbered and the days that i have are made all the more meaningful and precious. the post continued, it's impossible to put into words the love and gratitude i feel for everyone, to you, i say, you know, with love, elizabeth. president obama and the first lady are deeply saddened. she revealed a type of fortitude and grace that revealed a type of inspiration. >> reporter: biden and secretary of state clinton also
6:34 am
had great statements. >> i'm getting chemo now. >> reporter: she looked well at one of her final public appearances in september. >> cancer doesn't care if you have young children who need their mother. >> reporter: it was breast cancer that refused to stop the spread. in washington, joel brown, wjz- 13 eyewitness news. >> memorial donations can be made to the wade edward's foundation named after their son that died in a car accident in 1996. senate democrats will meet again today discussing the tax deal. some democrats are unhappy about the plan. it could extend the cuts to highier income earners. the president defended the agreement saying, it's not ideal, but the best out come with the circumstances. back here,the police look for who gunned down a 7 eleven clerk.
6:35 am
and there's a petition asking the managers to close from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. this is after a 48-year-old was shot and killed during an armed robbery on an august night. john leopold is endorsing the change. >> >> the return to normal is a long way off for dozens in mt. vernon after yesterday's fire. wjz and mike schuh return to the still closed section of north charles street to survey the damage and more. good morning, don. the news and besides what we'll tell you, this is opened this morning. there will be less of a snarl here. this fire came less than 12 hours after another fire down the block. they caused extensive damage. wjz is on the scene moments after a five alarm fire breaks
6:36 am
out in the 800 block of north charles street. >> from my bedroom, i can see the roof and the flames up there. i decided to check out the front of the building. i left it a few hours earlier. >> he works at the original donna's cafe. this is known for the afghan cuisine. >> and this is the -- [indiscernible accent] >> a friend of mine said it was like an apocalypse when it started. >> it's dangerous, look at the water coming down. >> reporter: fighting the fire required an incredible amount of water that froze over. we know that it started on the lower floor, it went up the building and got into the attic space. it was a very, very tough fire.
6:37 am
>> reporter: back live, you can see the icicles hanging in the area and the cars are still coated. the ones in the swirling area of the mist. the firefighters called for salt and it took a few hours for it to arrive. the sidewalks and streets are coated with salt and it's safe to pass flu the air -- through the area. back to you, don. the city's transportation department didn't receive the call for salt until 5:30 yesterday. north charles street is open this morning. >> it's unclear what caused an suv to crash into an animal hospital. a woman got distracted and accidentally hit the gas petal on the car. it's not clear if she'll face charges. an inside look at the
6:38 am
discovery channel head quarters hostage situation. we're seeing what happened when james lee held three hostage. >> this is video from inside the discovery channel. the police say that's james jay lee in the corner. he's wearing a vest of pipe bombs. a hostage crawls across the floor. montgomery county police shared the footage with the other experts during a workplace seminar in silver springs. the police didn't have the access until the stand off was over. >> they say that a hostage negotiator talked with lee for four hours. [indiscernible dialogue]
6:39 am
>> the hostages used hand gestures to device a plan to escape. this shows what happened at that moment. he was killed by the police. in his pocket was a thumb drive with two videos of lee testing his pipe bomb. hoe planned on dying that day. an entry on his calendar read, the end. why didn't his pipe bombs explode? they don't know, but they're glad that it didn't. no one else was harmed. the latest effort to cut cost in the state a generating chatter. the governor is offering state workers a $15,000 buy outand $200 added for each year of service.
6:40 am
they're hoping workers take this so the furloughs are stopped. one of santa's helpers was fired from his job at macy's. he was let go after 20 years because of a joke that offended a couple. he said, santa's so jolly because he knows where all of the naughty boys and girls live. and this free agent, wiggington reached a deal with the rockies worth $8 million for him. 76 rbi's and batting 248 on the year. it's an american football tradition. you can see the game exclusively here on wjz-13, this saturday at 2:30. always quite the spectacle.
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in philadelphia -- >> yeah, i think that's wheres the. well, it moves around. >> for the most part, it's in philly. >> and the reason they moved it at the vet and part of the vet crumbled when the students leaned and they fell down. well, that's terrible. well, they have a new stadium now. >> it will be a fun, fun game. and the weather will be football weather. but not like today. we're in the 30s for the highs and the windchill makes it feel like the 20s. we'll be back into the 40s for the weekend. there's a storm moving our way. we'll have more coming up. also, the top yahoo searches and find out what most people were interested in. sharon will have the latest on the commute and we have a lot of first warning weather for you.
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welcome back, everyone. we're still in the same weather pattern since the weekend. we're in the 20s for most of us. we have teens in the mountains and when you factor in the wind, it feels like 15 degrees it's um to 20 in d.c -- it's up to 0 in d.c.. here's the weather pattern. it will change later on today and into tomorrow. we have the lake effect snow bands. they're rotating as the wind connection is cut off. the high moves in tomorrow and cuts off the connection. we won't have the wind tomorrow. it's cold and that changes friday for the weekend. we're back into the 40s friday afternoon and mid-40s this weekend. that's as a new storm moves our way. the thing is, it will be a
6:46 am
complicated one. if you're traveling, we'll have a big issue to the northwest and for the most part, this is a rain event. we'll have a chance of a mixing in a little bit and we'll have snow at the end of the storm here. 34 for the high and it will be a cold one. the windchill makes it feel like the 20s and tonight, 19 degrees and we're still cold tomorrow and we'll creep up and here comes the storm. this brings milder air and it is in the form of rain. the colder air comes in and it comes in quickly. out west, accumulating snow once again. about to leave, listen up to sharon gibala. still no major problems. we have an accident on 50 westbound, and a new in the city. one where a vehicle went into a building at st. paul street and
6:47 am
a third on west cold spring lane and greenspring avenue. lingering fire travel traffic. charles street is closed between madison street. wind warnings in effect on the eastside of the beltway at the key bridge and delays in effect on the top and westside of the beltway. minor ones and 50 miles per hour is the speed for the drive times. and tyking a look at d -- the and taking a look at 95. traffic's smoothly there. this is brought to you by toyota. where did you go on the web during the past year and did others go the same place during the year? this is furnished by yahoo. and please welcome heather
6:48 am
cabbot. a former tv news and anchor. more importantly, she's yahoo's web life eddie tore. -- editor. that brings up the look back in year in review. tell us what was the most searched items on the internet. without further adieu, last year, michael jackson, what is it this year? >> this year, it's the bp oil spill. that's the first time we've had this type of a story at the top. it speaks to the way we all consume news these days. this tip fied that in the since it was interactive. we could watch the live spill on the internet. people were monitoring that.
6:49 am
even a few times during the day back in june. >> i'm kind of taken back by that. we provided the same pictures and people went to the internet for it. >> well, you could watch it any time of the day. also, it's interesting, we found bp oil spill searches ranking high on mobile searches. people were looking for the information using their phones. not all have access to the phones, people were looking for anything related to the spill. they were looking at environmental impacts and oil prices. and top kill -- as the story unfolded, people couldn't get enough of the details. also, this is a story that people were angry about. there was a lot of emotion about it and we have the five
6:50 am
year anniversary of katrina and people thought, i called believe this is all happening for they will. this brought in different emotions and that's why it was ranked so high. >> what's next? >> world cup was number two. this is a surprise, people don't think of the u.s. as a soccer country. the thing is, really, the world cup was sort of a watershed moment for us. we were excited about soccer and people wanted to know erg about -- everything about it. people were searching for things like, what institute -- s a tie breaker and they wanted to know about the buzzing sound,√£vuvuzelas. >> and michael jackson? >> people, yes. >> who's the big one this year.
6:51 am
well, number three is miley cyrus. some are surprised by that. she has so many young fans and many are on the web and they're following her every move. this is a year she was trying to make that big transition to adulthood and it wasn't necessarily a smooth one. you had her young fans fallowing that and wanted to know about her boyfriends and the -- well, the reported photo scandals and then, her parents wanted to make sure they knew what was going on. and the people are interested in her parents announcement they're splitting up. >> she beat out the kardashians and lady gaga to be number three. >> well, they both are really amazing examples of the branding that you can do using the web.
6:52 am
i mean, they've mobilized their fan base. lady gaga -- her youtube channel, it garnered a billion views. and people are captivated by these people. they want to know everything about them. for the kardashians, he's she dating, what's she wearing. people want to be in the family. also, when you look down, you look at justin bieber, people are also -- this is how they access the content and download his songs and download lady gaga's ring tone. they're using it to access the content, not just looking for information about these folks. >> okay, always fascinating. also, on the website, you break it out into sub groups as well. heather, see you again next year.
6:53 am
okay, happy holidays. and we'll find out what people search for in 2011. in. if you're searching out a traffic report, we have one for you and the forecast. don't go away, the eyewitness news morning edition will continue in a moment. ,,,,,,,,
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i'm off to the post office... ok. uh, a little help... oh! you know shipping is a lot easier with priority mail flat rate boxes. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. plus, you can print and pay for postage online. and i can pick them up for free with package pickup. perfect! cause i'm gonna need a lot of those. wow! i knew i should have brought my sleigh. priority mail flat rate shipping starts at $4.90 only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. >> >> 34 for the high today, it's going to feel like the 20s this
6:56 am
afternoon and the windchill is there. we'll show you, we'll warm up, but there's a storm coming our way during the tile. -- during the time. we'll start as a mix and end as snow. now, over to sharon. a few accidents and no major delays at route 3. watch for four in the city. one on east calvert. another at east lexington and st. paul. a third at greenspring and a new one at key highway. and oakwood road, under the overpass and there's a look at the drive times and the speeds. not bad out there. this is brought to you by area highway safety. check point strike force is back. go to the website for more. >> we'll have more on the
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